Lara Clifton

La JohnJoseph

A perverted polymath of the highest order, La JohnJoseph is the performer, playwright, journalist, actress, activist and chanteuse Time Out calls an “icon in the making”. She is a British born, American educated artist who explores the creation and dislocation of power in cultural matrices through performance, text and song. Drawing on queer theory, identity politics, drag, chanson and literary tradition, La JohnJoseph has created an interdisciplinary body of work.

Following the success of the autobiographical play ‘Boy in a Dress’ produced by Independent Productions La JohnJoseph is currently devising a new work for 2014. Lara is working as a producer on the shows development and premiere.

“Surely the artistic love child of William Blake and Penny Arcade…..what is very clear is that this a star in the making and he knows it”
— The Stage