Lara Clifton

The Whoopee Club

“The Whoopee Club redefined the cabaret and party scene in London”

Time Out, 2009

“Burlesque is becoming more fashionable than it has been in decades… responsible for this is the Whoopee Club”

The Guardian, 2004

“The Whoopee Club is the mother of London’s neo-burlesque explosion”

The Times, 2005

“Far more than just another club night, a heady and unsettling piece of theatre”

Flux, 2005

Lara Clifton and Tamara Tyrer founded the notorious Whoopee Club staging highly produced nights that celebrated their own brand of theatre, art and blatant exhibitionism.

Artist/film-maker Tamara’s artistic vision and exquisite sense of style meshed with Lara’s enthusiasm for bawdy entertainment to create events that were notorious from the word go. Pole dancers were programmed next to opera singers, tap-dance troupes followed blood letting live-art performances. The decadent themes and suggested dress codes encouraged audiences to dress so extravagantly that it was impossible to distinguish them from the performers.